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Kashmir Travelling Voyage offers Budget Hotels in Gulmarg located at an altitude of 2739 meters in the Himalayas, Offering a perfect blend of luxurious rooms and suites with breathtaking views of the Afarwat Mountains and Gulmarg Golf Course Redefining the traditional luxury concept.

Budget Hotels In Gulmarg

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Gulmarg Hotel Booking

Duration 4 Nights 5 Days

2 Pax 👫

₹98,550 INR

Gulmarg Cheap Hotels

Cheapest hotels in Gulmarg, India For those on a budget, these are the cheapest hotels available in Gulmarg Cheap and Budget Hotels In Gulmarg  Gulmarg Cheap Hotels.

Budget Hotel Options In Gulmarg

Budget Options are GULSITARA KUNZER GULMARG KASHMIR, Hotel Zam Zam Gulmarg, Hotel Pine Spring, Hotel Affarwat, The Gulmarg Gateway Resort, and Hotel Gulmarg House.

These Are the Cheapest Hotels In Gulmarg provide the Best, Hotels in Gulmarg Kashmir. The Most 3-star hotels in Gulmarg start from RS 6000 Best View Cheap hotels in Gulmarg Near the Gondola Cable Car.

Earning respect as a hospitality destination since 1946, Gulmarg has become an ideal place for travelers and businessmen to make their Journey Memorable as the city welcomes them with its serene surroundings and Picturesque Pir Panjal and Affarwat Peaks and lets them revel in the beauty of the charming environment defined as gentle, pleasant and satisfying to the guests.

Gulmarg Cheapest Hotels Packages

Cheap Gulmarg HotelsDays / NightsNo Of PaxPrice*
Budget Hotels In Gulmarg 2 Star22Rs.₹85,500
Gulmarg Economical Hotels 2-Star32Rs.₹96,500
Luxurious Gulmarg Hotels 5 Star41Rs.₹244,500
Gulmarg Best Hotels Near Gondola21Rs.₹22,365

Besides that, you will explore stunning landscapes, quaint villages, exquisite flora and fauna, monasteries, and numerous dwellings during your journey.
The essence of hiking is traveling through undiscovered places to amazing destinations. From exploring remote villages and meeting locals to visiting decades-old monasteries along the way, hiking here is more than just an adventure.

Luxury Hotels In Gulmarg

We Have an exceptional range of accommodation options in Gulmarg. Each Luxury hotel in Gulmarg, has a unique décor and atmosphere, ensuring a personalized stay. The dedicated team ensures every visitor has an unforgettable stay. Book Gulmarg Luxury Hotels, for the Experience Of a Lifetime.

Best Hotels In Gulmarg, Cutting-edge technology for both business and leisure travelers. Hotels in Gulmarg are the most elegant and vibrant Accommodations in Gulmarg. With Breathtaking views and impeccable service gives Gulmarg a unique feel for those seeking pleasure, exclusivity, and relaxation.

Here Are Some Best Top-Rated Luxurious Hotels In Gulmarg 2023 Grand Mumtaz Resorts, Apple Tree Resorts, and The Vintage Gulmarg. KOLAHOI GREEN HEIGHTS, Nedous Hotel Gulmarg, Rosewood Hut/Hotel, Grand Mumtaz Spa Resort, Shaw Inn Gulmarg, Pine view Resort . 5 Star Hotels In Gulmarg is The Khyber Himalayan Resort & Spa Gulmarg Which Is Considered Luxury Hotels in Gulmarg.

Gulmarg referred to as Gulmarag, is known as the flower meadow of Kashmir.it is a town hill station and a popular tourist destination in Baramulla District. Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir, India Destinations, popular ski resorts, and designated area committees. It is located 31 km (19 mi) from Baramulla and 49 km (30 mi) from Srinagar. The town is located in the Pir Panjal range in the western Himalayas. Within the boundaries of the Gulmarg Wildlife Sanctuary.

Luxurious Resorts In Gulmarg

Kashmir has many summer resorts with the suffix “-marg”: Sonamarg, Tangmarg, Gulmarg, Khilanmarg, Youmarg, and Nagmarg. Gulmarg is one of the margarhs with historical significance for Kashmiris.

Gulmarg is a compound or portmanteau word composed of two Persian words Gul and Marg. Gul means flower and Marg means meadow. So Gulmarg is a flower meadow. Yousuf Shah Chak was the last Chak ruler who ruled from 1579 to 1586 AD. Is credited with being the first person in history to discover the charm of Gulmarg.

Gulmarg History

During the rule of Yousuf Shah Chak from 1579 to 1586.The place that we now know as Gulmarg was frequented by him and his queen, Habba Khatoon. It was Chak who renamed it “Gulmarg,” which means “meadow of flowers.” The Mughal emperor Jahangir collected 21 different varieties of wildflowers for his gardens in Gulmarg. In the 19th century, British civil servants used Gulmarg as a retreat to escape the heat of the Indo-Gangetic plains.

Adventure In Gulmarg

Hunting and golfing were popular pastimes, and three golf courses were established, one exclusively for women. Today, one of the golf courses still stands and is the world’s highest at an altitude of 2,650 meters (8,690 ft). In 1927, the British established a ski club in Gulmarg, and two annual ski events were hosted, one each during Christmas and Easter. Central Asian explorer Aurel Stein also visited Gulmarg during this time.

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