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Switzerland Tour Package

Switzerland Holiday Packages

Make your Switzerland Holiday Packages an experience to recollect by booking this 100%  customizable Luxurious Switzerland Tour to enjoy the wonders of Heavenly Places in Switzerland.

This 6 Days Elegant Switzerland Trip itinerary, is planned intensely so that you simply won’t miss out on any of the must-visit exceptional places in Switzerland.

Superlative Zurich Switzerland Tour By Kashmir Travelling Voyage is a special Switzerland Tour, with Super Deluxe Hotels.

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Switzerland Luxury Holiday Trip

Duration 5 Nights 6 Days

1 Pax 🧍

₹195,500 INR

Accordion in HTML5 Switzerland Tour Packages

Budget Switzerland Tour Packages

Day:1 Arrival in Zurich Day:1 Arrival in Zurich |

Arrive at the Zurich Airport and get ready with the necessary documentation for the immigration process. It will take around 45 minutes to 1 hour depending upon the people in the queue. After the immigration process, take public transport (bus) using a Swiss Pass to reach your pre-booked hotel.

Proceed with the check-in formalities and spend the rest of the day at leisure.

You can stroll around the streets of Zurich, stroll around the markets, and collect souvenirs for your loved ones. Head back to the hotel for the overnight stay. Overnight stay in Zurich.
Day 2: Excursion to Mount Titlis | Half Day City Tour Of Lucerne Day 2: Excursion to Mount Titlis | Half Day City Tour Of Lucerne | Ascend in ROTAIR, the World’s first 360 degree revolving Cable Car

After waking up to the beautiful morning, have a hearty breakfast and get ready to witness the marvelous beauty of Mount Titlis which is one of the most visited experiential mountains in Switzerland and offers amazing views of the snow-clad peaks and a plethora of exciting activities and adventures for all ages

Take a train from Zürich Enge to Luzern and then to Engelberg using a swiss pass which will take around 1 hour and 40 minutes.

After that, you can take a bus to Titlisbahn from Engelberg station using a swiss pass which will take around 3-4 minutes. After reaching Engelberg Titlisbahn, it’s time for you to experience the Rotair- The world’s first revolving cable car. The revolving cable car will take you to a summit of 3020 meters offering you pristine views of snow-covered mountains, steep rock faces, and deep crevasses

One can indulge in many activities like Walk on the Titlis Cliff – Europe’s highest suspension bridge, or get even nearer to the mountains wearing a blanket of snow in the Ice Flyer chair lift Stroll around the Glacier Cave, home to beautifully crafted ice sculptors, or indulge in a variety of snow activities in Glacier Park After a fun-filled time at Mount Titlis, take a bus back to Engelberg station and then take a train to Lucern which will take around 45 minutes.

One can explore the Old Town of Lucerne using a Swiss Pass which is gracefully nestled on the right bank of Reuss. With old burgher’s houses, little squares with fountains, and timber-framed buildings, the old town radiates a fairy-tale charm.

Witness the much-famed Kapellbrucke, also known as Chapel Bridge, that runs diagonally across the Reuss. Apart from its rich historical significance, it also adorns Lucerne with its ornamental charm.

One can also visit the famous Lion Monument, where you’ll witness a huge figure of a dying lion carved out of a rock ledge. It is a symbolic gesture of the death of 26 officers and more than 700 troops of the Swiss Guards, who were killed while protecting King Louis XVI during the French Revolution After a fun-filled day, head toward your hotel in Zurich by taking a train from Lucerne to Zurich. Overnight stay in the hotel in Zurich
Day 3: A Day in Leisure | Explore the City of Zurich Day 3: A day in leisure | Explore the city of Zurich at your own pace

AWake up to the beautiful morning of Zurich and have a delicious breakfast You could choose to spend the day in leisure at your hotel You could also head out to explore the city and find be surprised at what the city has to offer Overnight stay in Zurich
Day 04: Excursion to Rhine Falls Day 04: Excursion to Rhine Falls | Feel the goosebumps on your skin as you hear the roar of Rhine Falls 4th day is the last day of your Tour After breakfast transfer to the Airport for your onward journey.

Open your eyes to the beautiful morning of Zurich, fill your stomach with a tasty breakfast and get ready o witness Rhine Falls, one of the many wonders of Nature Board a train from Zurich to Schaffhausen, where the magnificent Rhine Falls is situated The towering castle over Rhine Falls is Schloss

Laufen and there are three viewpoints between Schloss Laufen and Rhine Falls: Belvedere, Kanzeli, and Fischnetz Except for Belvedere, the other two viewpoints have steps that you have to climb.

Have a thrilling experience while getting to and from Belevedere via glass lift You could touch the water from Kanzeli and Fischnetz’s viewpoints as the cascading water comes unrealistically close from here To make your experience more exhilarating, choose from the 4 different boat rides

that operate there and enhance your experience of the Rhine Falls If you take interest in hiking, then you could explore the facets of the place by taking short circular hikes After an eventful day, head towards your hotel in Zurich Overnight stay in Zurich
Day:5 Sightseeing of Zurich Day:5 ightseeing of Zurich | Feed your inner soccer enthusiast’s desire as you witness the Fifa Football Museum

Wake up to another blissful morning in Zurich, after having a hearty breakfast, get ready to travel through the city of Zurich You could visit the Swiss National Museum with your Swiss Pass which traces Switzerland’s history from its beginnings up to the present day.

To make your day more exciting, you might want to add the Zurich Opera House to your checklist, which is nestled at the Sechseläutenplatz and has been the home of the Zürich Opera since 1891.

Stroll around the streets of the old town, Bahnhofstrasse, one of the world’s most expensive and exclusive shopping avenues. Witness the rich heritage of football, and the game’s ultimate prize displayed in a grand manner when you enter the FIFA museum, using your Swiss Pass After you are done exploring the city, head back to your hotel Overnight stay in Zurich
Day 6: Transfer to Zurich airport | Bid adieu to Zurich Day 6: Transfer to Zurich airport | Bid adieu to Zurich| Departure Zurich Switzerland Tour Package Today is the last day of your Switzerland Tour Package. and get ready to say goodbye to Zurich Return home with a plethora of memories of the unforgettable place, Zurich.
Inclusions Accomodations

√ Hotels in Zurich Switzerland.All Stays Include MAP Basis Dinner and Breakfast Included In the Tour.

√ Transportation with Toll Tax Paid.

From Airport Pickup We Will Give You Cab Services From Zurich Airport Driver Along With Our Representative Will Be Waiting For You With a Name Banner.

√ Meals.

Dinner and; Breakfast Available Veg/Non-Veg.
Exclusions Flight Tickets Tickets to Attractions or Shows.

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Switzerland Trip Packages

Book Bestselling Switzerland Trip Packages With Dinner and Breakfast Sightseeing Included, 100% Customizable Swiss Tour Package. We Provide the Best Deals On Switzerland Family Tour Packages and Switzerland Group Tour Packages.

Accordion in HTML5 Switzerland Tour Packages

FAQ Switzerland Tour Packages

How much does a Switzerland tour package cost?

The cost of a Switzerland tour package totally depends upon the number of days you are choosing to stay in Switzerland. However, for 4-9 days Swiss tours, it is between INR 145,500 per person.
How Can I Book Switzerland Tour Package

For an Memorable experience of Switzerland Tour Package, you must book a Switzerland Holiday package With Kashmir Travelling Voyage as it will only make things easier for you. The best Switzerland tourism packages can be found on the website of Kashmir Travelling Voyage .

Switzerland Packages

Browse through a wide range of Switzerland tour packages with exciting offers at Kashmir Travelling Voyage. Book customized Switzerland holiday packages with exciting deals & offers.

If you have always wanted to go to the land of chocolate and cuckoo clocks, fulfill your dream by booking one of Switzerland’s tour packages with Kashmir Travelling Voyage. Enchant yourself with the beautiful landscapes and the Avant-garde culture of Switzerland on your trip with our detail-oriented itineraries. Through these, you will cover several of the popular cities like Interlaken, Geneva, Bern, and more! Also, enjoy a plethora of attractions with your family and friends to get the best of the Swiss experience.

You might be thinking that such an elaborate Switzerland trip would burn a hole in my pocket. But, the fantastic deals and discounts that we offer will surely lure you into booking some budget-friendly Switzerland packages! With a splendid galore of exciting experiences and iconic landmarks included in the many budget itineraries, this land of wonders never disappoints anyone! The best thing about our Switzerland tour packages is that you can easily modify them according to your preferences. Whether you want to go on a honeymoon or with your family or want to enjoy an offbeat Switzerland vacation for yourself, we have solutions for all!

There are even some unique and popular activities that you can include in your Switzerland holiday package. These will be suitable for different kinds of travellers in your group. You can include some adventures like skiing on the snow-capped Alps or wandering through the historic avenues of the country. The famous cheese factory tour can also be experienced through our Switzerland tours! Apart from this, there will be some spare time for you to fill your bags with Swiss souvenirs. What are you waiting for then!? Hurry and visit this enticing location with us on your next Switzerland holiday packages and get ready to fall in love.

Places to Visit in Switzerland:

1. St. Moritz: St. Moritz is one of the top mountain destinations to visit, not only in Switzerland but across the world. The town’s natural beauty lies in glistening lakes, rugged mountain peaks, alpine forests, and plenty of sunshine for most of the year. Coupled with that are palatial resorts and hotels which offer a gamut of exciting activities like biking, hiking, watersports in the summer, and skiing, skating, and bobsledding in the winter Switzerland packages. The town is divided into two parts- St. Moritz Dorf, which refers to the village lying on the lake’s upper level. The other one is St. Moritz Bad, which is the lower level of the town along the lake. The city is one of those few places that are a blend of French, Italian, German, Roman, and an array of cultures, all in one place.

2. Lake Lugano and Ticino: Ticino is a small town that lies on the Swiss-Italian border. Lake Lugano is a calm lake flowing through the city, and there are plenty of Switzerland Tour Packages that’ll let you enjoy the beauty of both! Ticino reeks of Italian heritage and culture regarding its architecture, fine-dine food, piazzas, and the locals’ language. Tourists usually ride on the turquoise waters of Lake Lugano and explore the town by boat. You may also head to Monte San Salvatore, which offers beautiful panoramic views of the town and the snow-capped mountains in the distance. Bright, delicious fruits and blossoming gardens grow well in the summers, and during the winters, the town is covered in a blanket of snow. This mesmerising scenery is what Ticino and Lugano are known for globally.

3. The Rhine Falls: Located in Schaffhausen, the 150-metre long Rhine Falls are among the largest waterfalls in Central Europe and the most popular tourist attraction. The best time to visit here is in the summer months of June and July when the snow has melted into the falls, and they gush down fiercely and spill along the 21-meter-high ledge of Jurassic limestone. You can either get to the viewing point to admire the sight before you or take a boat to witness the Rhine in its full glory!

4. Swiss National Park: The Swiss National Park is an unmissable sight! This century-old park is the oldest reserve nestled high up in the Alps. It lies on the border of Italy, which is best explored via Switzerland tours, in a group. With more than 170 square kms dotted with flora, rapidly flowing rivers, and limestone cliffs, the Swiss National Park makes for some breathtaking scenery. With more than 5000 species of animals, including rare ones like the chamois, marmot, ibex, and 100 species of birds, the park is a visual treat for nature lovers and animal enthusiasts. The location is mainly frequented in winter when the mountains hide under a blanket of snow and the vivid flowers and trees shine through the white beauty. 5. Oberhofen Castle: On the shore of Lake Thun lies the magnificent Oberhofen Castle, surrounded by a lush 2.5-hectare park. This 13th-century castle has been passed down the ages and seen many owners who have frequently renovated the interiors. You’ll notice an elaborate mix of architecture on visiting here, ranging from baroque style exteriors, Romanesque facades and Prussian-inspired libraries and rooms. There’s a beautiful museum which houses depictions of the lives in the castle between the 16th to 19th centuries, in various art forms.

6. Swiss Grand Canyon: We bet you’ve heard that the Grand Canyon is a magnificent sight. Still, the Swiss Grand Canyon is no longer miniature. A deep gorge surrounded by sprawling meadows and cliffs is what you can expect to see at the Swiss Grand Canyon. This natural location was created over 10,000 years ago when there was a massive rockslide in the Rhine Valley. It seeped through the rocks, and gradually the gorge began filling up with water. Because of this, hikers, bird lovers, nature admirers and adventure enthusiasts all love this destination! If you’re up for some adventure, you can even raft through the rapids or go kayaking here between May to October. You can also find a range of Switzerland Tour Packages online that offer a great combination of sightseeing and adventure here.

7. Jungfraujoch: Your Switzerland trip isn’t complete without a view from ‘The Top Of Europe’, more popularly known as the Jungfraujoch Mountains! Once you reach the Jungfraujoch train station, a short train journey takes you to the summit, where you can admire the enchanting scenery all around. There’s also a scientific observatory and an observation terrace at 3500 feet, making it easier to get a splendid view of nature around. The Great Aletsch Glacier, Europe’s longest glacier, is located below these mountains and named a UNESCO World Heritage Site, making Jungfraujoch an absolute must-visit! Check out Switzerland packages that offer the best of all the hills there are to visit across Switzerland. 8. Creux du Van: One of the rare but most spectacular sights you will come across is the Creux du Van. This natural rocky cirque came about with the continued erosion of ice and water. Approximately 1400 metres wide, and 150 metres deep, it is often considered the arena of Switzerland, simply because it’s just that huge. At the bottom of the Creux du Van is a spring that spurs out water that’s four °C throughout the year, no matter what the weather is around. It is an excellent spot for hiking because reaching the centre of the arena is a 725-metre descent followed by making your way back up.

9. Lugano: One of the most-favoured Switzerland tour packages is a trip to the town of Lugano. Located to the south of Switzerland in Ticino, Lugano is a picturesque town with an old-school vibe. The Old Town here is vehicle-free so that pedestrians can explore freely on foot or by bike. The roads are lined with palm trees which add to the beauty of the town. There’s plenty to see here, beginning with the top of San Salvatore, the churches of Ciona and Carona. The botanical garden of San Grato and the delightful Swissminiatur, which is a mini replica of the entire country of Switzerland! Don’t miss out on riding the Monte San Salvatore Funicular up to the mountains of Lugano. 10. Chapel Bridge: A Switzerland holiday package will usually include a trip to the Chapel Bridge because this site is steeped in Swiss history. Locally called the Kappelbrucke, this 6-century old bridge is one that’s known all over the world for being made out of timber wood. It is also one of the photographed destinations in Switzerland’s Lucerne because it is here that you can witness a panoramic view of the city’s beauty. With the gorgeous, snow-capped mountains in the background, it is a must-visit place. Along with the Water Tower, it forms a landmark of the cityscape. The bridge is also famous for its exquisite paintings depicting scenarios of Swiss history. Still, in 1993 when the bridge caught fire, most of the pictures were up in flames, and all that remained were the Water Tower and the bridgeheads. Today, out of the original 158 paintings, barely 30 remain. Things to Do in Switzerland:

1. Go Wine Tasting: Along with its neighbouring country, Italy, Switzerland offers some exotic wines too. These are best explored via Switzerland Travel Packages that pack in a punch, with multiple vineyard tours all in a day. Sample a range of fine wines, especially around the Lake Geneva area. There are plenty of open cellars and wineries overlooking a panoramic view of Switzerland, where you can sip on delectable wines while enjoying the scenery around! Open tasting is usually conducted throughout the year. You can taste a range of wines at a minimal cost amidst an informal setting.

2. Make Cheese At Le Gruyère: Switzerland is often known for being cheese heaven, and indisputably that’s true, especially when you visit the town of Gruyères. Apart from indulging in the varieties of cheese here, you can attend a workshop on making it and trying a hand at it yourself. Learn the process of shaping and ageing different types of cheeses and understand the making of cheese in traditional times versus how high-tech the machinery is today. You can also learn the process of making rich cream and meringue, which Switzerland is famous for globally.

3. Indulge in Swiss Chocolates: You have got to be living under a rock if you haven’t heard that Swiss chocolates are the absolute best! While the artisanal chocolates across the country are exemplary, they are accompanied by high-end pricing. Fortunately, the globally famous Lindt Chocolate is manufactured here too and sold at pocket-friendly prices. You can tour the factory and also visit plenty of stores to hoard your bag with slabs of chocolates in a plethora of flavours. Cailler, one of the world’s oldest chocolate factories, can also be found in Broc, Switzerland. So if one doesn’t do the trick for you, book from a range of Switzerland trip that offer chocolate factory visits across the country.

4. Ride the Glacier Express: Suppose you’re looking at innovative ways to explore Switzerland while not travelling on foot. In that case, we’d reckon you take a ride on the Glacier Express. The 7-hour journey takes you through some of the most stunning mountain passes of Switzerland. The 170 miles long route begins from Zermatt and ends at the picturesque town of St. Moritz. It goes across 291 bridges and through 91 tunnels that add to the fun of this exciting experience. Some of the prominent spots you’ll find along your way are the Oberalp Pass, the highest point of the journey, and the six-arched Landwasser Viaduct over the Landwasser River. Equipped with modern dining cars, spacious seating, and huge windows to admire the scenery outside, the iconic red trains are genuinely one of the best ways for a Switzerland trip.

5. Feel On Top Of The World at Harder Kulm: At the height of about 400 feet between Lake Thun and the quaint village of Brienz lies the Harder Kulm. It is known for its bird’s eye view of the snow-capped Jungfraujoch and the city of Interlaken sprawling for miles around. A short distance from Interlaken, Harder Kulm is home to a two-lake bridge and an art-nouveau style restaurant at the summit, which makes for some brilliant sightseeing.

6. Be Blown Away by Schilthorn’s beauty: Atop Piz Gloria lies the Schilthorn, which offers an out-of-the-world 360° view of more than 200 mountain peaks of Switzerland. These include the Eager, Monch and the Jungfrau, which are the most prominent destinations of Switzerland. Suppose this is your first time in the mountains and you have felt some uncertainty about it. In that case, we’d recommend travelling in a group or choosing from Switzerland Tour Packages, that’ll make getting around a breeze. You can choose to admire nature’s gift at the observation deck or visit the revolving restaurant to enjoy a bite or two. The best part about visiting this peak is the cable car ride that begins from Murren and drops you off at the top. Cable car rides are great fun while you feel like the city is at your feet as you ascend higher!

7. Visit Museums: Book one of the Switzerland tour packages if you want to explore the best of museums. Switzerland is home to more than 900 historical museums, and each one is finer than the other! Boasting Swiss culture, the deeply rooted history, the exemplary architecture travels from Neoclassical times and baroque styles to modern French and Italian designs. There are so many to pick from, ranging from the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum in Geneva, the Ballenberg Museum in Interlaken, the Olympic Museum in Lausanne or the Fine Arts Museum in Base. If you’re a lover of history and the fine arts, Basel is one of the best places to explore the various museums that the city offers. 8. Walk Along the Lakeside Promenade: There’s nothing better than taking a walk along the Lakeside Promenade in Zurich, Switzerland. Not only is it a pocket-friendly activity, but the attractions and ethereal natural beauty of Zurich is simply a sight that you cannot miss. Amidst the lush greenery that dots the streets, you’ll spot locals and tourists cycling, skating, enjoying a picnic by the lake, or simply admiring the peaceful waters as you stroll by. You’ll also spot plenty of artists sketching scenarios of Switzerland or making portraits and caricatures of tourists. Stop by at the many stalls that sell accessories, and don’t miss out on some chilled ice creams and sorbet, no matter what the weather!

9. Go Sky Dining: When it’s about indulging in Switzerland’s delectable flavours, the sky’s the limit! Zurich, a famed city of Switzerland, allows you to dine at plenty of exclusive rooftop places. These are posh, serve some delicious food, and make for a dream dining spot with spectacular city views from the rooftop. Dinner at one of these plush restaurants is especially a delight because you feel like you can almost touch the stars in Zurich’s clear night sky.

10. Try Paddle Boarding: Amongst the most favourite Switzerland, Tour Packages are the ones that offer a thrilling experience of the water sports that this country has to offer. While everyone is boating or kayaking along the calm Lake Geneva, try your hand at something different, like paddleboarding. All you have to do is stand upright on a long surfboard and paddle along to reach from one end to another without losing balance. It’s a great activity to test your footing and concentration, too, as you’ve got to see how long you can stay afloat. If you’re looking for exciting ways to get from one end of the lake to another, we’d recommend this out-of-the-box technique.

Best Time to Visit Switzerland:

– The high season is from mid-June to September and December to February. These are great times to go hiking and indulge in snow sports, respectively. Fares and accommodation are higher at this time, but the experiences are supposed to be the best. – Between April and mid-June is the shoulder season when Switzerland experiences spring. The city isn’t too crowded this time of the year, making Switzerland packages relatively cheaper and giving an excellent opportunity to indulge in hiking and water sports. – The lowest and cheapest season to visit Switzerland is from October to December. These aren’t great timing for hiking or snow sports which is why not many tourists visit. But if you’re looking for a budget-friendly trip where you can enjoy a good amount of sightseeing and relax amidst the mountains and lakes, then this season is perfect.

How to reach Switzerland?

All major cities of Switzerland are well-connected to the rest of the world by air. There are seven international airports, and some of the busiest airports here are in Zurich, Geneva and Basel.

If you’re travelling internationally, you can fly into any one of the seven airports. If you are travelling from Germany or France, you can consider a road or rail journey for the Switzerland trip.

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