Kashmir Great Lakes Trek From Taiwan

Experience the breathtaking beauty of the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek From Taiwan; With Kashmir Travelling Voyage & Immerse yourself in the lush green forests and marvel at the stunning blue alpine lakes nestled in the Himalayas. Hurry! Book Kashmir Trek From Taiwan.

Kashmir Trek From Taiwan

Duration 8 Nights 9 Days









2 Pax 👫

₹95000 INR

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek From Taiwan

The Kashmir Great Lakes Trek is undeniably one of the most breathtaking treks in India. It truly showcases the ethereal beauty that Kashmir is renowned for.

What sets this trek apart is the grandeur of its surroundings. Located 75 km northeast of Srinagar, it offers a mesmerizing 360° view of majestic mountains, picturesque meadows, and enchanting alpine lakes. You’ll have the opportunity to explore more than six of these stunning lakes and five distinct valleys. So Hurry Book the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek From Taiwan Now!

Every day presents a picturesque scene, with a fresh alpine lake awaiting exploration. What enhances the beauty of these lakes are the snow patches that nourish them. You can witness these patches gracefully cascading down the jagged mountains and merging into the lakes.

Kashmir Mountain Trekking From Taiwan

Trekking in Kashmir does not mean just walking over forested mountains as it combines nature and the local culture.

Book Kashmir Mountain Trekking From Taiwan; which takes approximately 7-9 days to complete. It is moderately difficult in terms of the trekking challenges.

Kashmir Great-Lakes Trek From Taiwan

This Himalayan trek stands out from the rest as it encompasses three high-altitude passes, five river valley crossings, and a remarkable collection of seven alpine lakes. These lakes mesmerize with their breathtaking shades of green, blue, and turquoise, creating a truly amazing experience. And the best part is All of this can be accomplished within just 8 days! 台湾克什米尔大湖徒步旅行 – 克什米尔最好的山地徒步公司

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