Kashmiri Carpets Handmade

Kashmir Carpets Handmade Is Famous all over the world it has increased astronomically. Kashmir is known for its pure silken carpets and Pure Wool Carpets that too knotted, knots denote the durability of the carpets, and knots per inch are the easiest modes of durability measurement.

The base of the carpets is usually made of cotton and if you are looking for a carpet with a silken base then it is to be sure that prices will increase as well. Kashmir Travelling Voyage Offers the Best Kashmiri Carpets On Order Only the Finest Handmade Carpets and Orginal Kashmiri Pashmina Shawls are Available

Handwoven Kashmiri Silk Carpets
Handwoven Kashmiri Silk Carpets

For Handwoven Carpets and there is a particular language that denotes the design to be carried out on the carpet. It is a Coding Language. Wood Carving in Kashmir is done on walnut wood and is available only in Kashmir. The wood carving and fretwork are with different depth levels. Deep carving is 2 or more inches deep and the popular motifs are dragon or lotus flowers. the

Shallow carving is usually a half-inch or deeper, done on the entire flat surface, open or latticework depicting the chinar motifs Finally, there comes the semi-carving done on the thin panel along the rim of a surface containing the center motif.

Kashmir Silk Carpets

Kashmir Carpets Handmade
Kashmir Carpets Handmade

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Handwoven Kashmiri silk carpets

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