Leh Ladakh Tour

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Leh Ladakh Tour

5 Nights, 6 Days in Leh Ladakh

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Duration 5 Nights 6 Days

₹62500 INR

Leh Ladakh Tour 100%

Leh Ladakh Trip

Leh Ladakh Trip, Ladakh, Think of going someplace remote and Ladakh (pop. 120,000) India’s highest region, north of the Himalayas nudging into Tibet, closed by snow fill the bill. from November to May, open to tourists only since 1974-would seem to Well, think again. With tour buses and taxis rumbling regularly in over the mountains from Srinagar and several jet flights, Ladakh called the “rooftop of the world,” is now high on the list of must-visit places for adventurous tourists. Such large numbers of Germans pass through these parts that a sign on an antique store in Leh, the main city, is written “Antigen” to attract Teutonic travelers. Yet despite sizable inoculations of Westernism, Ladakh remains a place apart from all others. It is as rich a repository of Tibetan culture you’re apt to find in this day and age.

In the towering mountains of Ladakh, Buddhists have meditated since three centuries before the birth of Christ, and in this country, the purest form of Tibetan Buddhism is practiced to this Long before Tibet was converted, Buddhism was introduced in Ladakh in the third century B.C. by missionaries sent from India by the great Emperor Ashoka, ruler of the whole of non-Tamil India, Afghanistan, Kashmir, and Nepal. By A.D. 400 a Buddhist monk named Fa-Hsien, traveling like a pilgrim from monastery to monastery, reported on Buddhist rites, and tooth and bowl relics of Buddha in Ladakh. Later came the Tibetan influence, dominant today.

Now travelers make pilgrimages to marvel at gompas (monasteries) built on sheer rock faces and decorated with masterpieces of art hundreds of years old. Since 1947 Ladakh has been part of Kashmir and Jammu-a not altogether happy arrangement Leh Ladakh Trip. Now, as in centuries past, melting glaciers are the main source of irrigation for the patches of green that stand out against a background as barren as the moon. Ladakh’s scanty rainfall averages between five and nine inches a year. Where the sun shines brilliantly 320 days out of the year, there is little cloud cover and temperatures go up and down like bouncing balls-it can be extremely hot in the midday summer sun and downright cold by the middle Of that same night. In the winter the temperatures drop to -60°F (-20°C) LEH: The main city, Leh (pop. 10,000), is virtually spectacularly high 11,500 feet where Kashmiri merchants rent stores and pursue you relentlessly to buy the merchandise you can get more cheaply in Srinagar, and numerous fascinating but untidy lanes where you can wander aimlessly poking into Tibetan shops. In the long open market you can watch Ladakhis smoking, drinking butter tea, socializing, and haggling over bangles, prayer flags, beads, bells,mittens, and shawls.

Leh Ladakh Tour Details

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Leh Ladakh Tour Itinerary

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